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About The Truck

The Blues BBQ Company was started in 2004 with $20,000, a truck and a dream. Two brothers, Patrick and Chris decided to give people of Frederick, MD “Real BBQ!” Most of BBQ found in Maryland was less than average and mostly over-cooked. Dried out beef and pork could be found at almost any BBQ restaurant. Good BBQ needs to be smoked over wood. Great BBQ needs to be smoked over a wood blend for the perfect amount of time, at the perfect temperature and lived! That’s what we strive to do. We don’t smother our BBQ in sauce, we compliment it with sauce. Patrick has traveled all over the country to eat BBQ, finding some great and some not so great. These recipes are compiled from tasting BBQ from all over the World. The regions we mention are for a lack of better terms “a guide” to the flavor profile which we are trying to achieve. We hope you enjoy your dining experience and please feel free to contact us with and comments.